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About Your Local Owner

Leo Ndelle


I am an entrepreneur with a portfolio of businesses ranging from Amazon Delivery Service Partnership, real estate, owning Amazon online stores and more. I know how to build teams, create relationships, and positively impact the lives of those around me. Bio-One represents a wonderful opportunity for me to continue to make a difference in society, especially to those who have experienced trauma in one way or another. We are excited to serve and alleviate as much burden off the shoulders of traumatized persons as we possibly can.


Work with us

  1. Call as soon as you need help.
    With 24/7 availability, we are ready to answer your call if the unthinkable happens.
  2. We will provide comprehensive remediation.
    Bio-One of Towson crew will discreetly and professionally complete the crime scene cleanup or biohazard decontamination job.
  3. We will work with your insurance directly.
    Working with your insurance company can be overwhelming. Bio-One of Towson can open the claim and work with the adjusters directly.

Service Request

Our Purpose

Bio-One of Towson is a professional crime scene cleanup and biohazard decontamination cleaning company serving the Towson area.

We are trained, experienced, and insured to remediate overwhelming biohazard situations. From animal hoarding to active crime scenes, we have disinfected, removed, and disposed everything you can think of. In Bio-One's 10+ years of experience, teams across the United States have tackled everything imaginable with care and compassion.

During that time, safety has been a mainstay. We follow OSHA standards and ensure all our teams are equipped with the proper equipment and PPE to safely complete a job from beginning to end.

Our Qualifiers

We are trained and insured as a professional crime scene cleanup and decontamination company. Our technicians are highly skilled and have been trained on OSHA's safety standards.

When you call Bio-One of Towson, you are working with professionals. If anybody knows how to clean biohazards, it is Bio-One of Towson.

Compassion and Understanding

Our priority is helping you. Bio-One of Towson continues to be the most passionate and caring company in the cleaning services industry. We have built our company on the foundation of discretion and confidentiality.

We treat each situation with care and compassion and take time to learn your individual needs and goals.

We can open your insurance claim and work with adjusters so you can focus on other urgent matters. We strive to make a difference in our community and thrive by going above and beyond for our clients at Bio-One of Towson.

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